On Site Filtration Services

Grosvenor Oil operate several mobile processing units, designed and built specifically for the filtration and conditioning of transformer oil in service, or for the polishing of new oil as it is introduced at the time of installation. The mobile plants are configured to allow heat treatment of the oil in the transformer under vacuum conditions, thus removing moisture, particulates and any fault gasses present.

On site oil processing is also an effective alternative to a transformer oil change, the process introduces heat into the core and winding which in turn draws any moisture from the core and windings into the oil, an oil change will not treat the core and windings and the moisture levels could creep back up after the oil change is complete, an oil change may be a short term lower cost option when compared on site oil processing, but long term oil processing is more cost effective, as repeat oil changes may be required to keep the moisture levels down.

Grosvenor Oil’s processing units differ in size and performance to suit client constrains such as access, operational possibilities and the sensitivity of the environment in which they would be required to operate. Our fleet of mobile units consist of large self-contained vehicles with on-board generator and welfare units, to stand alone vacuum modules, to small processing units designed specifically for off-shore applications or restricted site access situations. The choice of plant is dictated by the specific requirements of each job.

Grosvenor Oil Services are also an approved M&I Materials contractor, allowing us to complete mineral oil to Midel 7131 retro-fills. The video in the following links shows our operators carrying out one such retro-fill. www.midel.com/applications/retrofilling