For over 20 years Grosvenor Oil has been supplying & distributing high quality electrical insulating oils and providing specialist associated oil services to the utility and industrial market in the UK.

Grosvenor Oil is run by a team of dedicated customer focused employees with many years of experience in industry. Our services and capabilities are detailed within our website but can be summarised as follows:

– Supply several standard & super grades of unused insulating mineral oil to IEC60296 in varying pack sizes
– Production and supply of reclaimed insulating mineral oil to BS148
– Distribution of new / reclaimed oil using own delivery fleet or transport partners offering deliveries to suit customer requirements including same day & next day delivery.
– Waste oil management including collection of used switchgear / transformer oil (classed as hazardous waste) via our waste carrier’s license.
– Specialist Insulating Oil Analysis and Transformer Condition Monitoring via independent oil laboratory Transoil.
– On site oil filtration services, including the first fill of generator and transmission transformers and reactors, to the drying of small industrial and distribution transformers.
– On site regeneration to treat the oil, core and windings of the transformer; reclaiming the oil absorbed in the winding insulation and removing any sludge deposits in cooling ducts or pipe-work.